PDP Goal 1: Walking mindfully

February 25:

“My plan of action for this goal is to carve out 15 minutes to walk mindfully each day. It is vital that I do practice mindfulness everyday because it is the best strategy to becoming more mindfulness of myself. While I am walking, I will try to be aware of any internal changes such as the thoughts or feelings that arise in my mind, such as thoughts about the homework, family, friends, etc. I will also observe the external changes such as the rhythms of my feet and my surrounding. Instead of day dreaming, I will come back to my physical sensations and continue walking. The location of the walking mindfulness can be in my room, around my apartment or at the running track. I will time myself for 15 minute, using my stop watch and track down my daily record on my online journal.”

  • Taken from my Personal Development Plan Part 1

April 25:

While I was not able to track down the exact amount of time I walked each day, I walked to most of my classes everyday. Furthermore, it was faster to walk to some of my classes compared to taking the public transportation. These pictures are what I’ve taken during the mindful walking, either to classes/ CRCE gyms or back home.


March 4: Walking to Psychology Building. There was a crowd of students in front of KAMS for the St Patrick early celebration.


March 11: Walking home


March 17 Walking home after GE 361 class


March 28 Walking to CRCE for morning exercise

FullSizeRender 2IMG_7796IMG_7801

March 31 Walking to AGED 480 meeting


April 1 Walking home from CRCE, passing the Krannert Art Center


April 5 Walking to PSYC 437 class


April 5 Walking home


April 6 Walking home




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