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[in Thai language]

I’m 23. Educator at heart. Illustrator. Traveler. Reflective blogger. Youtuber.

Born in Thailand. Grew up in Singapore and United States.

Highline college folk. University of Illinois alum. Education masters’ graduate from Harvard. Sasin MBA candidate.

Favorite series: Abstract (Netflix)

Favorite Korean variety shows: 1Night2Days, Knowing Brothers, Running Man, Law of the jungle 

It’s awesome to have you here!

Hope you have fun traveling through my journey!

karittha Sun


◁ Written sometimes in early 2017 ▷

What is this “karittha Sun” space for?



this is a space for my

◻︎ Polarized emotions and situation

◼︎ glossy pretty images and brutally real self

☐ life as a human

I previously thought that this personally-paid space would only be for my pretty self – my achievements, my happiness, my success, and my celebrations. Something like a polished portfolio for the advancement of my career, etc.

However, when I first wrote the blog, I did not have all those intentions. I sincerely wish for it to be a learning lesson for my future students, whoever they are. That is here, they will find all the facets of their teacher – ridiculous, insane, joyful, impractical, weird, lacking common sense, and being ultimately human. Flawed and okay in every way. Thus, if they too struggle, they can know that they are not alone. It will also act as a record that I once experienced these emotions and if my students were to go through the same thing, I will not belittle their feelings, for I too have lived through them.

To the petrified child in me who fear that I will look bad in the eyes who can yield power over me: I say don’t worry. It’s indeed scary to bare out your flaws for the whole world. But, you know, being vulnerable and brave is actually something very admirable. Not many people can do that. 괜찮아 (gwaenchanh-a) It’s okay!

◁ Update on August 21, 2019 ▷