Mom in Harvard #1

Day 1 of Mom Adventure in Harvard

Welcome to Boston!

She’s here to attend my graduation

Flying with Emirates Flight Attendants IMG_4302

I waited for a year to see this smile at Logan Airport


Mom and I are being economical so we took the public transportation back to Cambridge 🚌 🚊


the Charles River *sorry, the window is dirty*


Bought this sandwich (Smoked Salmon and Avocado) for Mom


after resting at home for awhile, we came to grocery shopping


HOLY MOLY! $22.40?! 😱

In Thailand, you can buy 200 mangosteen with this price

fun fact: mangosteen is also known as the Queen of Fruit

Do you know what is the King of Fruit?

FullSizeRender 10

another fruit that is sold cheaply in Thailand

FullSizeRender 9

Dad called in during the shopping spree – Hello Papa!


When I was young, people said we look alike. Don’t we?


End of Day 1 Adventure

 📍Boston Logan Airport

📍 Silver Line Bus & Red Line Train tour to Cambridge

📍 Home


🌙 Goodnight! ⭐️

It’s morning in Thailand now [9:26 am] so hope jet-lag doesn’t bother Mom in her sleep


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