Who do you wish to become?

Ultimately, your habits matter because they help you become the type of person you wish to be. They are the channel through which you develop your deepest beliefs about yourself. Quite literally, you become your habits.

Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

The person I wish to become

  • A photographer
  • An artist
  • A consistent and reliable person

🎵 ☁️ ☀️Recommend this playlist to you: A Day at A Time by Gentle Bones 🎵 ☁️ ☀️

View outside my window

My muse
Have you ever seen a golden pig? 👑🐷
The residential cuties – the fluffiest, most adorable creatures on the farm
The adventurer who jumped out of his pen to scavage the horses’ grasses. Untiminated by nothing
The Burmese proud rooster – notice the feathers at his feet and the vibrant plumage
On my way to check off my daily habit of “tying my running shoes” to become a fit person – Mingyu of Seventeen (Definition of fit)