Guide for the useless

As I sat on the chair in my parent’s home, feeling utterly useless, a thought came into my mind. If I’m feeling this way, there must be someone out of the billions of people who are going through the exact same situation, feeling exactly the same frustration and confusion.

Yeah, to you who are in the same boat,

I totally get your feelings. People telling us what we need to do this. Figure ourselves out. Think about the future. The deadlines for that lease is coming, the job deadlines, the questions people are asking us. I know. Feel you! All the should’s and the do nots. The FOMO. The cooler, more well-established people out there who seemed to got everything figured out. Yeah, feeling sucky about ourselves right? 😗 I got you. I’m going through the same thing. And the question: is this really okay? Doubting ourselves + doubts others have of us. Yeah boi… Totally vibing with you. Does this phase seem totally similar to one we have faced before? What a dejavu!

Yeah. Well, to you who are in the same shoes,

Right now, let’s take a memory trip back to the days when we faced the same thing. Did you kept a diary or some sort of note along too? Let’s look back.


Ah, yes in 2018. We met a not so rosy days and we got ourselves up.

Yep in love as well.

Not to forget 2019 as well.

In 2020, my singlehood and how I create happiness for me.

Yeah, so we did have a fair share of what the setbacks.

Yep, taking stock of what we did to get through and out of the pit.

  1. Social Comparisons ain’t helping nobody. It’s a quick dirty feel guilty that result in no action at all. The most crucial point is the growth that I have risen into. From not wanting to do an MBA, hating it, to creating an impactful experience for me and my teams to graduating it. Yeah, that’s some serious shit that I did. Do you have something similar too? Something you would throw up at the sight of or hearing of it? But now you have overcome it? That there’s something you did and you came out of the other end of the tunnel? We are pretty cool in our own rights too, ain’t we~ 😚
  2. There’s room for everyone in this planet. From the abundance exercise, I am able to come to peace with the FOMO fear and the fear of not being good enough. Let’s do this again. There’s space for you and me. There’s a space of us to thrive. For them too. For him and her. For it and everything. Yeh~ Inherent abundance~
  3. Healing isn’t a joyful park ride. Even when doing Abundance Challenge, it was moments of up and down and all the crap of wanting to quit it. Shit’s tough, right? 😜
  4. Ultimately, it’s not about the less travelled path. Or the better looking path. In the end, it’s all the same. Plus, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there” ~George Harrison

Yeah boi, so essentially, any action is fine!

📮 PS

If people who you love and love you are casting doubts and throwing you existential questions and demands, just recognize it as flowers of concerns and love blooming. 🌸

If they have the magical orb and a handbook for a future, they would have handed them to you – to help you. 🔮 ✨ But because they don’t, they are relying on their past experiences, their fears that helped them, the doubts and regrets, their love, their successful methods -> which might not be applicable to you.

So let’s recognize that they do it out of the i-love-you-so-and-i-dont-know-how-to-fix-the-future-for-you. 🥂💛

Image Credit by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash