How To: for when things felt hopeless

How To: for when things felt chaotic, when things are overwhelming when things felt hopeless.

1. You have a mountain of unfinished tasks, unsettled matters, lingering feelings, and muddy situations. You are unsure of the best way or even a way to deal with them.

2. Yep, the mountain is there. It’s not you. You are not the mountain. Just look at the mountain.

3. Let’s give all things you can see on the mountain forms. What are these “cloudy, rocky, confusing things”? Write them down.

4. Woah, so these rocks, boulders, stones, fog, nicknacks are bothering me.

  • IN LISTS of 1. “Things Doing Now” | 2. “Things Not Doing Now” | 3. “Things Never Doing Now”
  • From the list of “Things Doing Now” -> Can we find them a place to let them bloom and get settled in our calendar? If yes, then schedule a time block for them. If those things seem too humongous to settle in the time block, can we mini-chunk them down?

6. When they are home, let’s get yourself back home too. What do you feel now? Let’s take a deep breath in. Feel the breath flow through your body. A deep breath out. Let’s get through the day together. 💛