Life = Playing the Harvard Game? What?!

📮 Today I have a privilege of mentoring my cousin for her Common Application for Harvard. As I studied more about the program to better advise her, I realized that just like applying to Harvard, life itself is pretty similar.

 🟡 1) It’s not easy, but it’s simple. 

 At Harvard, there’s a special paradigm that people subscribe to, which is “conceptual meets societal impacts”. If you can resonate with it and demonstrate it, you can get in. Simple – but not easy. Why? Because it requires that you resonate and take actions along the way. 

And what if you can’t get it? It just simply means Harvard isn’t a place that connect with you. There’re other amazing places out there that sings the same tune as you. 

Similar to work and relationships. Not getting that job or not clicking with someone just means that you are closer on meeting your own tribe. The world is truly an oyster – to forge that connections and build that home that resonate with you. Not saying that it’s gonna be a smooth ride, but it’s a ride worth sailing for. ⛵️✨

 🟡 2) It’s never too late for anything. 

Lately, there‘s been a major shift in my life – from relationships to work. It was exhilarating and darn confusing at the same time. It even sent me a major existential crisis – “What should I do with my life?!” 😱⛈

But through this phase, I learned from seeing my parents and my boyfriend that it is never too late for anything. Even if I make mistakes. Even if I graduated in one area, worked in another, I can do a completely different thing in the next. Like how my physician-parents started a Hemp business and factory when they are in late fifty and sixty! My boyfriend who started a new unit and taught himself the groundwork of that discipline. There’s never a time too late to try something new. 🌱💦

 🟡 3) “What you do” as means to better the world

When I talk to my lil sis about her accepted application to Goldsmith college, she shared that architecture is her means and expression to help people. Right now, whether it is education, business or marketing, these are the knowledge that I am doing to better someone’s life. This definitely helps because working is not bed of roses. The thorns can cut deep. But as everyday I go to work, I know that I’m laying the foundation for my metropolis of betterment of humans. 🌹🌇

☀️ Finally 

When two roads diverge in the yellow wood, what matters more is the courage to take a step. Regardless of which path I chose, it’s the discoveries and what I make of the experience that will be gold. 😌

Cover Photo by Cleyton Ewerton on Unsplash