pat on your head | praising myself

10.13 am | Tuesday,

good job for waking up today at 5am!

good job for reading today!

good job for preparing for the meeting early!

good job for communicating to Pa Aoy and keeping your commitment with her!

good job for coming out out your self-negativity cave and replied the emails!

good job for doing your chores bright and early in the morning, and going a mile ahead to wash the bed sheets and take them before it rain!

good job for not eating after 6pm!

good job for writing and posting your abundance challenge D-20!

good job for starting many drafts too!

good job for being friendly to your siblings today!

good job for clearing out your Capture Tool List!

good job for searching Google for your concerns about your habits and allowing yourself to consider that your fears are holding your back, especially in the department of love!

good job for taking notes from Alain de Botton’s book

today is a good day

let’s continue loving myself

Tomorrow, before you start a task, write out a sentence for it. Be it your worry, concern, things that are holding you back. Be rough, be raw. Just write it out first.

See you at 5am. Sweet dreams Sun!


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