You Make Me Bloom | Abundance D-16

Welcome to Day 16 💖

This day is all about gratitude 🙏🏼. Listen to the meditation as soon as possible. And make a little extra space to listen to it one or two more times during your day.

Today we stop several times during the day and recognize all that is good and positive in our lives, all the beauty that surrounds us and within us.

During the day look for, and find, as many things as possible to be grateful for.

Make an endless list as you go about your day, and let your list include all aspects of life, from the physical, mental, emotional to the spiritual. Small things and big things, obvious or mysterious… Be attentive and observant.

And as you notice all this abundance around you, breathe it all in and allow your being to be filled with joy and gratitude.

Today’s inspirational quote:
“Today I remember to be grateful.”

Enjoy and have a wonderful day! 🥰

May the universe be with you 🙏🏻❤

My assignment

Gratitude List:

  • Dad being frank with us
  • Mom supportive of Mei and all of us
  • Tai Gu for making the Chinese dumplings for us
  • Jackson Wang for being an example of living a passionate life
  • Mei for being a space of clearing for me
  • Mulan for calling me out to exercise
  • Chiang for being cooperative in learning his lessons
  • All my marketing team members for being so supportive and helpful for tomorrow webinar
  • My Mac book for functioning well
  • My phone for being able to take notes
  • My MBA friends for sharing news about the graduation sign up
  • Mango and delicious papaya in the fridge for me
  • For water running today
  • For the rain this whole afternoon
  • for the electricity to allow me to operate my Macbook
  • the abundance challenge and the relaxing meditation
  • my accountability group
  • for the CBD oil for my acne
  • for my WordPress followers and likes 💖
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Feature image: Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash


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