Reminiscing. You | Poems

Feet waltzing on each other

Silently, in embrace

Surrounded by the twinkling cups and pans

Wrapped under the orange hues’ gaze

Lights dancing in your eyes

The night melt

Away in a memory

Away in haze

through forgotten love

i opened up the drawer

searching for us in the moment

distilled in time

finding us in limbo

frozen in the glass castle

suddenly you appear

take a look

you are always there

and I’m free

tipping over the hour glass

pellets of sand

turn into dust

stamping down

1,825 of 24 hours

meeting you at 18

you going away at 25

me alone at 24

In the record

for the record

i winded back

i skipped the part

where we take back

back to the day I crept up to u

where u crept into

the chamber of my heart

listed properties

where’s the tenant

missing resident

i put back

back in the drawer

drawer of us

to walk

walk down the path of me

parallel to the path of u

may we one day

wave hello as we meet alongside each other

in parallel

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one last time

i glance back

to send u off

in the tidal waves

shouting into the trees

forests of drowning noise

lines of people

hidden in the crowd

drowning this quivering voice

the cascading teardrop

“i miss u”

” where r u”

“do u miss me too”

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Drowning in “why am i still thinking of u”

is it the quarantine

or is it the denial


maybe, just maybe

it is a sign that love is right around the corner

that this is the last stretch of this bus ride of forlorn old love

time to alight and walk over to the next street

the other neighborhood of new beginning

the dawn of new love

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