Transforming Your Saboteurs | Abundance D-10

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Harvest of Memories

Welcome to day 10 


Today complete the practice you started in Day 9.

Of the 5 issues you listed yesterday, choose 2 which you want to transform.

Write what you can do for each to improve in a general way and in a practical way.

Put into practice this week!

You are welcome to share one in the group, as part of your “done” post.

Today’s inspirational quote:

”Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness.

“There is great freedom in knowing that if you do not like the results of the previous choice, then you can always choose again.”

May the universe be with you 🙏💖
✨With Love ✨

My Assignment

1. When others say something to me and I fee pissed, I make them wrong (or make myself wrong)

Pause and take a deep breath

Hold my silence

When reply “got it, thank you”.

If the tension is too high, take myself physically out of the situation. Walk away and then come back to deal with it powerfully. 

Ask myself that if they were saying that to me in a foreign language, would that have bothered me? 

If there’s a task requested of me, write them down on Capture Tool 

2. Completing action to prove myself 

  • Write down one sentence of the task down in the capture tool 
  • Write down the roughest possible draft our first so that I can get through the first step of inertia 
  • Put it in capture tool 
  • Schedule into calendar – if not, put in the not doing now and never doing now list 
Just stuff from the life & mind of D. Randall Blythe. Here's a few things you should know about about me: 1. I'm 40 years old as of 2/21/2011. 2. I'm happily married to an awesome woman. 3. Sometimes I live Richmond, VA. Sometimes I live all over the globe. I ALWAYS reside in Randonesia. 4. I really like: books, hunting & fishing, skateboarding, punk fucking rock (the music & the way of life- true til DEATH!), comic books, guns, knives whips (basically any sort of killing weap

Update After Taking Action:

While I was doing this, I was already in the heightened state from missing the deadline. Hence, when I was told to do additional chores, my volcano of emotions was on the verge of exploding. I paused myself from taking my anger out on others. Quickly finished them. Came back to jotting them down roughly on the Apple Notes, instead of prettily on WordPress. I realized that there’s more mediums to finish my assignment FAST. I completed the task, without having to perfect it or prove myself.

After everyone was done with lunch, I knew that I was expected to wash them. Others were still sitting around the dinner table. Instead of continuing to sit in anger, I took all the plates to the sink. And started scrubbing all of them clean. I was pissed. Emotions boiling. Hands cleaning every crevices of the pots and pans. It became so funny to me that I can be productive, without having to fix my mood. I did not have to lash out. My mood lightened at the irony of the situation. Kitchen ✅ Sink ✅ Plates ✅It was so satisfying to clean it all up.

Heres Why You Shouldnt Wash Dishes by Hand


Assignment instruction:

Candle image:

Cleaning dish image:

Desk image:


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