Mother = The Badass Female Warrior | Abundance D-11

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산그림 작가의 개인 갤러리 입니다.

 Welcome to Day 11 

A massive well done to you all for getting to the half way mark. That’s so great, congratulate and be proud of yourselves that you have committed to making and taking this special time for yourselves to nurture abundance in your lives 


Today you are called to check in and connect with your mother. If your mother is not in this dimension anymore, do a deep meditation, connect with her and talk about your feelings with her.

Describe your mother:
The positive aspects.
The negative side.
What do you learn from her?
What does she add to you?
What does she take away from you?
What is her strongest disappointment?
What are her dreams?

Today’s inspirational quote:
“I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me.”


Take care
Love yourself

May the universe be with you 🌸
With love ✨💖

My assignment

Describe your mother:

  • The positive aspects.
    • She’s a determined fighter. Once she set her mind to something, she will go miles to accomplish it. Hiking world’s tallest mountain with fractured foot. She published Dharma books and donated them, in the honor of the king. She can get to places that nobody can go.
    • She’s a dutiful daughter and caring sister. She takes care of grandma and handle almost all her matters and doesn’t abandon her brother, even when he gets into serious troubles.
    • She’s a leader -organize, coordinate, negotiate, medical care provider for all our international hikes
    • She loves learning. She learn new language and translate the holy book on it. She loves books and that carries onto me. She opens to all kinds of things in the world. Even though she’s a western medical practitioner, she does not reject the Asian, traditional medicines. She even learn and acquire skills to treat patients with them. My scoliosis was treated and my spine was able to straighten out because of the Thai medical practice she learned.
    • She’s a nature lover. She knows bird-watching, scuba-diving
    • She’s street smart. We went to Samui together and she was able to figure the local things out by talking to the boat and taxi drivers, as well as observing things around her.
    • She’s so loving. Her hugs encourage and cheer me up.
    • She’s super caring wife. Accompany dad through thick and thin. Bring him food and drinks when he’s working even before he asks it.
    • She’s incredibly forgiving. When I fail my exams or when I did not get qualified for reputable schools in Singapore, she did not bring me down. Instead, she encouraged me and helped find other ways I can continue my education further. That’s how I was able to go to Harvard.
    • She’s super supportive. When I was facing a big breakdown in Bangkok, she coordinated with my coach to help pull me out and supported me to get me back on my feet.
  • The negative side.
    • When she is stressed, she doesn’t consult with other people.
    • Sometimes, she takes things personally – that our misdemeanor – are reflection of her characters.
    • Sometimes, she tales things personally with what dad say.
  • What do you learn from her?
    • I learn that being a powerful woman – a learner who doesn’t easily give up – is incredibly inspiring. I want to be like her.
    • That being open to world that you don’t know, instead of being defensive of your own knowledge and doctrines, is so much more powerful in making a difference for others
    • The world becomes a brighter place when you don’t make someone wrong and you support them
  • What does she add to you?
    • my character growth
    • my ability to be compassionate to others
    • my happiness, freedom, and joy in life
  • What does she take away from you?
    • my comfort – she pushes me to step out my comfort zones, call me out when I am walking down the path of destruction (credit card debt)
  • What is her strongest disappointment?
    • Not being able to study abroad
    • Not being able to work at Sririrat Hospital and go into medical solider-volunteer unit
  • What are her dreams?
    • To be enlightened
    • To be able to take care of grandma, our family, and herself comfortably
    • (Going to ask her more about this)


When I was upset, she can catch it very easily (during lunch just now). This reminded me that I always want to be like her – a badass female warrior. Even though I grow up and realize that she has her negative side too, deep inside, I aspire to have a character as deep and strong as her. As I grow older, I want my character to keep honing like a blade of steel with every wrinkle on my face.

I also realized I haven’t had a catch-up chat with her about her dreams for almost half a year. Putting that on my capture tool!

I drew an illustration of my mother and daughter. They hugged together, pink flowers set off the atmosphere, a very girlish one.


Task instruction:


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