Do You Want To Know The Secret Behind Productivity: Finishing Work? | Abundance D-9

My own video of D-9 Experience

💛 Welcome to Day 9 💛


Today is a self-recognition day . You are called to look and see 5 things that you think are limiting you. Look at your attitude, your behaviors, thoughts, patterns, emotions, self-care style, belief system and other things that can be sabotaging your wishes and do not allow you to get what you really want, both materially and non-materially.

Write them down in your notebook and look at them in a compassionate way, you are not supposed to feel bad because of it, rather look at it in a responsible and aware way.

That will start to transform those limitations into a door opener.

Concentrate and go as deep as you can. Feel in your heart what these limitations really are.

Today’s inspirational quote:
”Today and everyday I give that which I want to receive.”

Have a wonderful day and see you again tomorrow.

May the universe be with you 
With love 

My task:

Through writing out the task, I discovered the secret to finishing my work. To reduce and eventually banish away procrastination. It cost ZERO dollar and NO ADD-ON willpower. Hint: Has to do with the end-goal. Let’s read on!

1. My belief system: Being fat = Worst being to be.

I gave meaning that no matter how smart, talented, rich, incredible you are, if you are fat, that will cancel out everything you ever done and will do. No one will respect me professionally and I can never find a boyfriend to love me. I want to do extreme diet like K-pop celebs and be on the ideal weight/body shape. Whenever someone call me out as fat, I’d in a breakdown for the whole day.

Sabotaged my productivity and my happiness. Instead of exercising and losing the excess fat, I ended up binging more, especially at night. These meaning and attempts to go the extremes exhaust me. As a result, I emotionally overeat.

Looking it in a compassionate, responsible and aware away: Being fat and being called fat do not reflect my value. I am whole and complete, regardless of the physical shape. I can be kind and loving to myself. Instead of losing weight to prove myself, I want to do it for because I give my words to it. I also want to be a demonstration that I can be happy and productive, regardless of the “imperfection” that others define me 🙂

2. Work Thought Pattern: I need to be in the right happy mood before I can do my work.

Sabotaged my intention to complete my work. Thus, I need to watch youtube and read manga. Many times, I ended up spending the whole day watching pointless youtube videos, trying to fix the right playlist to listen to.

Looking it in a compassionate, responsible and aware away: I can be happy by being my words. I can also be unhappy and do my work. I can be aware of the emotions. I don’t have to fix them

3. Self-care style: It doesn’t matter how I care for myself when I’m not pretty anyway.

Sabotaged my body. Hair & face – inconsistent maintenance. Pimples and dandruff populated. I ended feeling more down about my appearance.

Looking at it in a compassionate & responsible way:

  1. Being called “pretty” or “ugly” does not define me. It reflect the person saying it.
  2. Chasing after “pretty” will never be enough. It will not make me happy.
  3. I am more empowered to be my word in taking care of myself, more than proving my look to someone.

4. Work Thought Pattern: I have to please someone and make my work near perfect.

Sabotaged my intention to be my words. I cannot afford to look bad in front of people I want to please. abundance homework, work, writing blog, research. The most recent one has to do with this post itself. I didn’t finish it in time by 11pm on the day itself. Now, it’s 10.12am of the next day. Instead, I was combing through Pinterest for the “right” images to put in the post and trying to find the “right” words for the task. Otherwise, nobody is going to read and follow my blog.

Looking at it in a compassionate & responsible way: I do my tasks because I give my words to the other party I will do. I give my word to myself to do so. Hence, whether it is perfect/right or not, it is not what I want. I want to be a demonstration of “taking action”, instead of “perfection”.

5. Emotions: When I’m pissed at someone, I made that person wrong.

Instead of communicating clearly and letting go of the anger, I spite them with my words to make them feel bad.

Sabotage my relationship with them. My anger would worsen when they retaliate. Even if they back off, I would later feel guilty for spiting them.

Looking at it in a compassionate & responsible way: I forgive myself that I made people wrong and spite them. When people do something and I became pissed, I can recognize that as what’s so. They are doing something to express and let go of the built-up tensions inside them. It has nothing to do with my value and it is not going to endanger my well-being. I don’t have to be reactive and act out. I can take action.

In conclusion:

I realized that the secret to being productive – in finishing work – lies in the end-goal I created.

The trap: End goal of pleasing/proving

If I did my work to please my boss or prove myself to my professors, I would resort to procrastination. Simply, because I would try to find the right answers, being scared of making it wrong, going far and beyond to make sure I am ready with the right information first. As a result, I didn’t finish my work. I can’t even count how many restless nights and missed deadlines I got.

The solution: End goal of being my words

In retrospect, I completed my work (fast and well) when I aimed to just complete it as I gave my word to myself or to the accountable parties. I don’t care of making them happy or making myself look good. I am just doing it to fulfill my word. It sounds stiff, saying that. But, the results speak for itself. Yesterday, I spent the whole day, trying to fix my mood. No work done. However, when I realized my pitfall and switched my end-goal, I FINISHED MY WORK that I gave word to my boss. I had thoughts of procrastinating it. However, since I didn’t do to please her, I just open the files and BAMM, done in 40 minutes.

day seventy seven. I think I can. I think I can. by Kelly Stewart on 500px#500px #day #kelly #seventy #stewart

Reflection from meditation:

So relaxing and what kind of day I can start with, if I listen to it.

I want to take actions to what recommended in the meditation. To smile and to silent bless the neighbors and people on the road. To give words of encouragement and praises to my family.

For Day-10 I want to finish the post in 1hr in the morning. And start with the meditation so I can utilize the discovery I get to take actions and create results. See you later in the next post!

My own video of D-9 Experience


Task instruction:

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