Catching The Thief Who Stole My Energy | Abundance D-7


Welcome to Day 7✨ 

Congratulations on making it through the first week! I am so excited that we are together on this journey towards Abundance . I want to express my deepest appreciation of your COMMITMENT and for choosing to stay on this journey with me.

Yesterday task was super powerful and from now on you have a new agreement with money and with Abundance in general. You may want to come back to your agreement in the days that follow. Read it out loud to yourself, or write it down again in your notebook, to solidify your commitment to it.

This first week you also went through the critical moment with your leadership and groups. If you have any questions about that task (or any others), remember I am here for you .

We are ready to do quantum leaps here, so let’s finish the first week of the challenge today.

Day 7

Task: In your notebook, make a list of people that somehow feel to you that they take away energy from you. Perhaps you have obsessive thoughts about them, unresolved emotions, fantasies about revenge, feelings of hurt, of not being able to let go. Any type of discomfort counts. This exercise is about recognising how energy can become stuck and stagnant. So do not get into conflict, focus instead of freeing the energy that is currently bound to these persons.

They can be people near or far from you now, the important thing is what you feel.

Get in touch with why you have chosen to add their name, and after you are done with the list, write a blessing to each one of them, a specific blessing, from your heart to his or her heart. Then visualise yourself setting them free.

Today’s inspirational quote:
”I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams.”

After finishing today’s task it will already be one week since you started the journey of Abundance!

Take some time and look back, recapitulate the process you have been going through and how your effort is manifested in your life.

Congratulations and see you tomorrow again!

May Universe be with you 
With love ✨💖✨💖✨💖

Meditation D7

My task:
I wrote about 4 pages worth on my Apple Note. There were 14 people on my list. 3 of them are my family, and the rest are my friends.


  • 3 were fantasies. I lost power because I want to change and fix them. Basically, erase who they are and redraw them so that I can look good, in association to them.
  • 2 were with whom I want to say something to but didn’t -> I later put a task in “Not Doing Now” list to talk and reconnect with”
  • Eyeopening: The rest were actually about me feeling shameful and embarrassed because I evaluated them by what people said (not positive things). Therefore, I felt that in association with them, my worthiness hit rock bottom. I look stupid for behaving certain ways with them. When in actuality, they are amazing people, whether I used to see it or not. It had nothing to do with them at all. It was on my side who just keep slapping labels on them and the situations that transgressed (the what’s so). Not only was in denial of what’s so, I was also inauthentic about what actually made me lost power when I recalled them. In short, a lot of the incompletes were about me – not wanting to look bad. The thief who stole my energy was me.

Through this process, I had the opportunity to complete with people that somehow feel to me that they take away energy from me. Writing the “why I have chosen to add their name” made the water murkiness fade away. I was able to really see clearly what about them and that made me so listless when I thought of them. Well, before we go off, I’m also releasing the thief and setting her free.

GOT7 pizza to congratulate on Day 7


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