Solution to being Rich in the Golden Years


Proud to present our brainchild in the MBA Marketing Research course at Sasin School of Management, the top business school in Thailand.

Presenting the business model for a retirement consultant company, this ppt is equipped with the research we conducted in Bangkok + financial projections we estimated.

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* Names are censored to protect the confidentiality of my teammates

Course details:
MKTG S52 Consumption and Marketing Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krittinee Nuttavuthisit

Contemporary marketing requires a holistic understanding of consumer behavior as they interact in marketplaces around the globe. This course will help you comprehend, stimulate and manage the marketing forces that shape and reflect the consumption. You will grasp the market as a complex system of material and metaphysical interactions, and learn to manipulate these intersections in a pro-social, ethical manner. This course encourages you to understand marketing as a subtly interlocking psychological and socio-cultural system. You will explore instrumental and expressive behavior of stakeholders engaged in creating, circulating and transforming resources. Tempering interdisciplinary perspectives with a symbolic cast and combining the techniques of systematic introspection with participant observation, you will examine the many ways that consumption ramifies throughout daily life. You will learn to animate the stuff of life. Positive and normative managerial interventions will be thoroughly considered; consumer creativity will be interpreted as well. Marketer and consumer misbehavior will also be probed. This course is especially attentive to the interplay of macro- and micro-level forces that shape our marketing practices.


  • Marketing research is more fun than I thought. We went to the Chulalongkorn hospital for field research, interview our most senior professors in the school, discovered how cool elderly are with the use of advanced personal tech gadgets, and found out ways to extract useful information from the massive internet ocean