How to be happy?

In the midst of busy work, horrifying shoot-out, natural disasters, broken hearts, and no valentine date, can you be happy?

Happiness is not a commodity. It’s also not an end.

You don’t need to earn that 6-figure paycheck to afford happiness.

Nor a beautiful valentine date.

Not sadden by the past nor worried about the future, you can choose to be happy now.

How to be happy?

  • It all lies in you – your decision.
  • You have all the power to be happy.
  • You can decide to be happy now. 😀

Let’s their sunkiss smiles send you all the positive vibes to empower you to be happy.

No matter what circumstances you are facing, you will have the power and the wisdom to pass through courageously.

I want you to carry this with you:

“This space here is for you, me and all of us here. You can go out there, do something you have never done before.
Work, School, Relationships, Dreams, Goals.
Be comforted by the fact that whatever happen,
this place is a safe solace for you.
Use this space as a greenhouse for you to experiment in life. You can drop me a message and let’s work it through together.
You got this!

ไม่เศร้ากับอดีต ไม่กังวลกับอนาคต เราเลือกได้ที่จะมีความสุขตอนนี่ ☀️🍊ให้ยิ้มส้มเช้งของซันส่งพลังให้ทุกคนไปต่อนะคะ ซันเป็นกำลังใจให้นะคะ 😘💕

As my dad always say,

When you are sad, it’s bad to be alone.