Dare you to do something different this valentine!

Valentine: it’s becoming one of the most exasperating days for many. Dates or no dates. Well, you can choose to leave it as that.

Or you can decide to do something different

If today you are not expected by the society, to be female or male, what will you dare to express?

Will you dare to send the first hello? Will you do things you have never done before? Will be dare to make that decision?

Or will you wait for the “one day” to arrive?

Will you try to take a leap of faith?

If you did take it, you might get some wounds. But the experience to be unreasonable and go beyond the doubts is something money can’t buy.

So fall, dust yourself up, and press on!

List of DARES to have fun:

  • Send that first DM/ text 🗒😆
  • Ask someone out 🌼🍽☕️
  • Say “I love you” 💖
  • Download that juicy apps rollin’ and start chatting! 📲✨

Inhale courage. Exhale doubts.

For me, I did take a leap of faith in the romance category. I re-downloaded the dating apps. Swiped here, clicked there. Days passed and voila, a match. We talked once and the following day, the main issue arrived.

To text first or wait it out?

As far as I know, there are “proper rules” in society for the ladies is to be on the receiving end. Wait it out. Let the man take the first step – as many would recommend. To see how much he really like you. Think of the embarrassment, possible rejection, and the shameeeee.
So, I waited. For the whole day. Restlessness and a series of questions slew in. Why the silence?

At this point in time, there are two probabilities.
If I don’t say anything, the probability of getting a reply = 0%.
If I say something, the probability of getting a reply >= 0%.

The possibility of getting a reply if I say something could indeed be zero. Yes, it’s the same as not saying anything. But the point is it could also be more than 0.

At that moment, I decided to take that leap of faith. I want that priceless experience. I type out a message. Pressed “sent” and literally threw my phone across the table, scared and breathless. That text was nothing impressive.

In 30 min, he texted a question back.
I replied with a comment and a question to ask about his day.

What I got next was silento.

Not even a read.

Yeah….. so not a favorable outcome.
Not a fairy tale ending either.
Got an emotional bruise from that 😂😂
(The home remedies I used to treat that emotional bruise will be in another post)

Right now, I’m healed. No scab or scar.
But, the coolest part was the experience, that leap of faith. The rush of wind, the exhilaration mixed with fear, the courage that I did something different. All of that are definitely a priceless Valentine gift.

ถ้าวันนี่ไม่ถูกให้ society วาดเส้นว่าเพศหญิง ชายจะต้องทำตัวยังไง “ให้เรียบร้อย ให้เหมาะสม” เราจะกล้าแสดงออกอะไรบ้าง?
เราจะกล้าทักไปก่อนไหม เราจะทำอะไรที่ไม่เคยทำไหม? กล้าตัดสินใจ?

กระโดดลงไป อาจจะได้แผลก็ได้ แต่ประสบการณ์ที่ไปเหนือเหตุผล นั้นอะเงินก็ซื้อไม่ได้ 😉

ล้ม ลุก แล้วก็ไปต่อ

Happy Valentine everyone~

And to all the single peopole, I got u!


PS Don’t give up just because one doesn’t work. 😉The best is yet to come