The almost-gave-up 10km run

🍑 so many good logical reasons why I should just skip this run: no preparation, Corona, little rest, so much work, fatigue, and 100 more thangs.
🍑 The Advanced Forum Leader challenged us on Sat night to be “unreasonable”. If I’m outside my act of “I must be perfect”, what’s possible?
🍑 What’s possible: me running 10km. The need to look good disappearing. If I run slower than my aunt, I just run slower than her. There’s no need to be perfect.
😘 What happned next: went beyond the reasons. Just ran. Enjoy the scenery. Thought about my ex and my friend as we went there before. Rock to Super Junior song on the phone. Camera team took a good shot of me. Feast at the water market. Came home and went Landmark Assisting later. Created a possibility for a new friend 💕👍