Finding me through you

Finding me through you:

Honestly, I lost myself over the last weekend. Integrity breakdown at its peak, coupled with a dirty house, self-blame, helplessness, lack of responsibility, and shutting myself in. The worst is the fear of failure for my Ph.D. application.

Today, I would have continued to trap myself in the abyss if it was not for you, the people in my life.

Through you, the Landmark leadership coaches, I found the brave Sun to admit and face my breakdown.
Through you, my coachee, I found the leader Sun, who stands for someone else’s life.
Through you, my sweetheart Mulan, I found the peaceful Sun to lead myself out of the maze and carve a path out of the darkness into the light.
Through you, my MBA classmates, I found the adaptable Sun to let go of stories that held me down and be present to the fact that I am more than the drama I created.
Through you, my professor, I found the confident Sun to write out my Ph.D. application.
Through you, P Bow – guest speaker from Unilever, I found the writer Sun to express my growth.
Through you, my Facebook readers, I found the inspiring Sun to share my journey with you.

So thank you.
I found myself thanks to you. ☀️

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