#newsaday 1: Tesla Changing the Game in China + Real love or just Frenemy?

What’s this なにこれ? (Nani-kore direct trans):

  • My Human Resources Prof told me in order to be a great Global HR director, you need to READ A LOT. especially NEWS.
  • So here I am: practicing my business analytical skills + reading a lot + ‘expressing’ my writing skills
  • What you can expect: CRUDEST summary for the news (written as if I’m writing a drama script. Well, it’s more fun~ both to read & write)
  • I’m also attaching the links to the original articles so check them out! Love to CNN for the first piece!
  • Me opinion” tag: where I insert my own two-cents

Why is it すごいね ?! (Su-goi-ne = cool)

  • 1. “Magically” built: Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai
    • Finished hella fast in 10 months
      • I wonder how long this would normally take…
  • 2. Your local enemies have to wed a foreigner to enter their territory but you can march in as an attractive bachelor.
    • First time a foreign company open a shop without a Chinese partner – previously, you need to enter joint venture to own a business there
      • less prying eyes
      • more control
      • less rooms for cultural conflicts (not only just about Western vs Eastern, but company vs company culture)
    • Me opinion: If I can operate a factory/ business in China (wholly-owned), bruh….. the ka-ching and the playing field is expansive.
  • 3. Even when the Big Mama and Papa are fighting , Tesla is a love-child that is granted special treats.
    • US and China trade war with China planning to  resume tariffs of 25% on US imports of automobiles and 5% automobile parts in December.
    • Tesla: the only foreign manufacturer being granted a tax exemption
    • Me opinion: what’s the secret details in securing this exclusive love?

Maybe Tesla should think twice about going to the Big Mama’s Land?

  • Your Big Mama’s side of the family is pretty fierce: your cousins are big & strong and can do stuff much cheaper than yours.

What to look-out for:

  • For Tesla:
    • What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine:
      • Possibility of intellectual copy-cat from China
      • Reminded me of a horror “true-not-true-who-know” story passed on among my friends how a friend of his set up a factory with Chinese partners and later on, few of the partners set up an identical factory in front of his. Within a few months, they quit and move over to operate the new factory.
      • Would there be a Chinese Tesla – no need for Elon Musk?
      • Me opinion: when you can do it by yourself, maybe it’s time to go solo? If you talk about relative advantage, then you do what you are best at and I do what I’m best at. But when we are fluctuating between frienemies, then it might be better if China become better at what Tesla does?
    • Puff those chests and shout to the world how great you are!
      • China: humongous nation – the need for Marketing in China
      • In US: social media and news can take care of words of mouth but maybe this new landscape call for a different megaphone
      • Me opinion: Keep on focusing on development (how to make better Model 3 , and slightly more expensive for Model Y) + negotiate for Chinese authorities to be megaphone for you

Original Article:

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