what I gained from late night DMs

It’s not about you. It’s me.

This morning, I woke up spiritless.
There were wee hours DMs that I didn’t feel empowered to response.

I even thought of the extremes…
Should I fake my relationship status
so I have a perfect reason to not deal with it?
Should I even stop expressing myself online
and get myself out of the social media?!
😵😵😵The list went on.

Despite losing my initial energy, I was determined not to let the emotions take over me. As I was brushing my teeth, I discovered something.


All these time, I fell into the self-mobilized trap of the “nice girl”.

I didn’t want to turn down anyone because I want to preserved my image of being the “nice girl”. Well, nice girl is nice. She doesn’t say no and she will tolerate something that she isn’t okay with. Or else, people will think she isn’t nice anymore. 👧🏻✨

And also, I was confining myself with my act of “adore me!”

The hilarious thing I saw was even though I don’t want them sliding into the DM, I want the attention to keep coming! To adore me! 😂

As soon as I realized these two traps that I created, I almost laughed out my toothpaste. Sis, the image of a “nice girl” is a total BS. Being nice doesn’t make a difference to anyone. Plus, the act “adore me” was there to barricade me from being the transformations for other people. All these time, all these annoyance, I created them myself. It’s not about the guys or anyone. Sliding or no sliding. It’s about me!

As you can guess, all the irritations just melt away.


All these time, I thought I was the poor butterfly that fell into the vicious traps that these guys spun.
But gurl, I finally discovered that I ain’t no butterfly. 😂
I am as the powerful tarantula, who CREATED these traps.
So what I gained was the power to walk out of my own traps.