what I gained from dating apps

“Dating apps are like lottery. You’ll never know what you’ll get. The jittery anticipation is the fun of it as you see whether the other side will initiate something first.”

This was the conversation I have with my coworker yesterday as my girlfriends pulled in all their power to create accounts on various apps for me. 3 apps in total. A lot of swiping left and frowning.

Will it work?

My college friend found his success story from one of the apps. His girlfriend is smart and sexy.

I won’t know for sure if it works or not.

But one thing I gained from it is the cool, cute ways to write my profile.


I am…

a MBA & Ed.M grad, adventurous trekker, and able to order you a delicious brunch in 4 different languages. My only weakness is cute kitties, and I’m extremely judgmental…when it comes to mystery books.

I like…

checking out hidden local attractions, camping on the highest mountains, and trying out new art & crafts. Up next: coral reef restoration

I appreciate when my date…

has a witty and intelligent side, is ambitious, and cares for society and the environment. He respects diversity and cheers people up when they are down. And he doesn’t have to be a superman… but being a daring man is a plus.

All in all, it was an exasperating yet fun experience.

With that said and done, I’m bringing this curious journey to an end. Bye to all these fun apps.

PS I don’t play with lottery so… 😂