🌻Enjoying our time🌻

🌻Enjoying our time🌻
Since we are going to spend a whole lifetime together, I’ll take my time to enjoy what I am, do and have right now. Take your time to savor your moments too.

In the mean time, I’ll focus on building my temple and sanctuary. Safe and sound. Create my empire bright and strong. Shine among the sunflowers. Do whatever we enjoy and necessary for our growth.

When we finally meet, let’s unload all our treasures and recount them to each other. By then, we will spin the yarns of nights that stretch across the milky ways.

Why rush our conjunction, for the universe has already intertwined our lifelines. We will count our wrinkles together and soak those arthritis joints in the warm bath that you prepared. Of course, you are the one doing it. Our retirements will mark another adventure down the ride of the silver tsunami.

31 million minutes together suffice right? Seconds of yanking our hair and frustrations. Plus, minutes of smoldering kisses and hours of being foolishly smitten by each other’s devilish charms. Days turn dark and nights glimmer with lights. How many throat-grabbing and fun moments will await?

So, take our time to enjoy.
For when we meet, a whole lifetime awaits.
Enjoy our time now. 🌻

Pic Cr: Sergle Pinterest