w.itch’s wiles

Let me tell you a story of a crafty witch’s wiles. Beware, the witch is closer to you than you think. Closer than the strand of your eyelash or the wind softly grazing your ear.

Shush, she is already here. Don’t turn your head. Just read on.

Here’s how the story has been told:

Among the grand mausoleum and the tall ivory towers of knowledge, there lives a witch who surrounds herself with exotic potions and unknown spells.

Most of the times, she will transform herself into a cheerful village girl, helping out the local people with their daily necessities. Her smile radiates, as brilliant as the sun. Many people like her joyfulness and even the head bishop cherishes her as if she were his daughter. The girl spends her time idily among the daily pleasantries. She even partakes in the human entertainment and absorb their education.

Some days, she will come to the town, as a brave female warrior, with shining armor plates and gleaming sharp sword. She will recall the inspiring tales of her adventures in the Dark Forest that everyone yearns to enter to collect the overflowing treasures but are completely terrified of it. Who knows what monsters or foul creatures are lurking in the shadows? It is true that in the Dark Forest lies unforeseeable dangers. The brave warrior has ventured there countless times, sometimes returning with blood soaking through her cloak. Cuts gashed through her sun-kissed skin. However, she is fearless and would share her encounters in the Dark Forest, hoping to inspire courage and bravery among the villagers, especially the women and the youth.

When dawn peeks over the horizon and the night creeps in, the warrior and the girl return back to the tallest onyx tower and change back to the witch. In the deepest chamber, there is a giant swirling sphere hovering in the middle above the floor. On the closer look, one will see images casted on in the sphere. Right now, it shows a young man busily hammering away his tools as sparks flew out from the iron ore. From a swish of her sleeve, the witch can project a different dimension and portal to look into people’s lives.

Using her mesmerizing charms, she can weave herself into their dreams and paint the perfect illustration that their heart desires. After they sink into the abyss of her charms, she would pull them back into her tower. There, she would brandish all her potions and magic spells and mercilessly test them on the clueless subjects.

Her recent victim was an adventure guide. She has met him on the several town events when she was in her human appearance. She noticed that his eyes would trail after her. The man has fallen into her honey trap. What a perfectly delightful treat!

Poor man. She tormented him endlessly for the first few weeks. This is an entertaining toy. He would have met a tragic end, if it was not for the witch messing up a critical spell. The effects rebounded and landed on her, causing her to unable to remain conscious for long. After she consulted with the Grand Wizard Warlord on the remedies, he admonished her and told her to release the test subjects. Her magic nature is not created to practice the dark arts. Even though it looks fun, it takes a tremendous toll on her ability. If she continues, she can lose her cultivation and life gems will be depleted. Reluctantly, she released the man. Aggravation is too little to express her paining irritation over the loss of her toy.

As she stand in front of the giant sphere, her eyes are locked towards the images casted there. It is tempting to bait another victim. However, for now, she will enjoy the calm. Until then who knows when will her long claws will creep behind the shadows and snatch you into another dimension.