c.hoose peace over war

“one day you will meet someone who you will burn your phone, talking to, not wanting to put it down.”

it’s okay that right now, you don’t have someone like that.

be chill. be at peace now

do you realize that you cannot handle being at peace?
so you become flighty, instigate wars, and just keep charging forward like a headless chicken?

when you become calm and people approach you, all your spike fences are raised up and you just flung them all out with your trebuchet 😂

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so now, practice being at peace

bring yourself to new environment – possibly same drive and vibe as you

  • the working, driven type

in relationship, we talk about “creation”
– it’s a creation of possibility
– not a creation of a partner – if you create something they are not, one day it won’t work anyway

what happened with your previous crush:

him: raised all walls to protect himself from getting hurt

you: brought all your ballista, mangonel, battering rams, catapults, siege towers, and trebuchets to bring down the gate

both sides holding on adamantly, attempting to overthrow each other

And no matter how much you reflect this scene or differentiate, it won’t make a difference. He has to give himself the permission to let down these walls.

can you see that wars erupted when you blindly charge forward like this, unable to be at peace?

choose peace, over war