A.re you “the one”?

Listen to this song as you read on~

Warning: Chances are this song will make you fall head over heels over your crush even more. 😚

Today, my friend asked : How do you know someone will be “the one?”

aka soul mate, match-made-in-heaven


Answer: you won’t really know for sure.


It’s because it’s up to both of you, who will create that you are “the one” for each other.

Well, while there’s no clear 100% way to work it out who’s your soulmate or true love or the one or what not, I offer 3 tips I got from my coach.

Disclaimer: this might not work in every situation. Utilize it at your own discretion.

  1. List out what you like or you don’t like about that person.
    ❤️Like: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
    💔Dislike: 1. 2. 3. 4.
    ⇒ Can you accept the dislikes – accept that person who he is and who is not?
  2. Ask yourself and your crush/partner if you have the commitment with each other to grow and learn together?
    ⇒ If you haven’t create that commitment, ask yourself if you want to create with it with that?
    ⇒ Also, this commitment is more like committing to a journey together.
    ⟹ And if this is with your crush, maybe it will involve you learning about each other.
    🙅‍♀️Getting to know each other : If you operate from the ‘interview mode’ – I’ll ask you questions and check them off according to my list – then this process is a whole waste of time. Bro, this is not a job. It’s a relationship aka a journey together. Personally, I’ll admit this is my blind spot. Even now, I have that urge to sit my crush down and interview their whole life to see our compatibility. 😂
  3. Don’t put sex as a priority.
    ⇒Sounds crude 😳 but if it’s there on the forefront, it will be hard to distinguish which is really driving your love and intimacy.

Good luck~