Im really scared

sitting on my bedroom floor

scared to owning it up

i got so many things broken






like a sunflower

id like to be out in the field

soaking up the natural air

not cooped up inside my own prison



just for today

i want to peek outside the world






but please my dear

please hold my hand

even though it’s like an empty cave inside

full of thorns on the wall

a child stuck on a tiny islet

surrounded by crashing waves

the rocks underneath his feet are trembling

huddled his knees together

looking up

the blue sky above

so far above



what’s the way to go out

down into the waves

up the thorns

who know if up beyond the cave

would there be nothing but surrounding molten lava

filled with more caves

peeking down insides would be more children like me



she hollered

don’t stuck in your own shit

stand up

clean yourself