my obituary

My obituary will read as follow: 

To the girl who follows her heart even when the tides of emotions and pressures try to swallow her whole. She bravely faced her fears head on, not giving a damn about what others think of her. She was an independent fucking badass warrior. She tried and she fell and she tried again. She had loved and did her best in the face of love. She followed her heart. She was not kind and caring, but she helped those in need. She stood firmly on her feet and always keep one foot forward to walk towards what was meaningful to her.

Thus here lies the woman who followed her heart and because she did so, she lived her life with no regret. She had lived, even so.


How I’m sending myself off: 

I will plant a willow tree near a flowing pond and rest my body underneath its shade. Anywhere with a gentle breeze caressing its branches and gushing sounds of water passing by.

At the end of the year, I’ll come to rest underneath the tree. If my time runs out, then may my eyes be closed and my journey adjourned on this planet. If not, then I’ll stand up and carry on the next year as my last.


Paying back what I owned

In this life, I’m am undoubtedly indebted to my parents – for raising me. As I’m living year by year, I’ll dedicate my last month with them. Servant for free (for the lack of better terms). I haven’t figure out a way to pay back the debt yet – but I’m can guaranteed that I won’t incur any more debt from them or take a life to get what I want. I don’t want to live in fear of not upsetting them or being disobedient. There’s no denial that they love me but doesn’t mean that love doesn’t hurt.