understanding professional learning community

what: Professional Learning Community (PLC) – a project adopted by the Ministry of Education in Thailand.

concern: some people are regarding it as another policy-joke or an administrative work, rather than a genuine space for meaningful learning and teaching

my task: to understand the core PLC -> convey information to team at the Centre of Educational Psychology (my workplace)


  1. google: PLC for websites/articles written about it (aka: literature review)
  2. trace out the mommy & daddy of PLC: where did it come from/ who are the influencers of the concept/ how did PLC come about?
    • Richard DuForn, Peter M. Senge
  3. email Tina, my professor at Harvard (aka: consult the experts)
    • Helped me understand PLC as collaborative inquiry – prevent it (at least personally for me) from becoming another policy joke in Thailand


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