Growth Mindset Training in Ayuthaya! 

Ayuthaya: the former capital city of Thailand

an ancient city islet wrapped with the bloodlines of canals and rivers


Growth mindset training – part of the Centre of Educational Psychology

where I work


the most famous flossed candy pancake in Ayuthaya (or possibly the whole country)


During the training

Activity: Growth mindset action plan (Gmap)


My notes from the Training in Collaboration with sQip (School Quality Improvement Program)

*forgive me for bad spelling and impolitely-wrong grammar*

I’m seeing similarities between Growth Mindset and PLC

  • When setting goals, it has to be from when teachers and instructional stuff define the problem and set the goal (PLC) – similar to Growth Mindset (students have to set the goal to work) – John Hattie (the most powerful factor)for students to set their own expectations


Observation of presenter:

  • Examples of P Jae makes sense: eg from with her patients and for the teachers


  • P Jae asks the participant – for PE teacher – to review
    • Humor – good Thai sarcastic humor
    • Teacher, please notice I’m asking you in a way – Coach – PE – teach the process
    • How do you know when to increase
    • Please clap for the teacher
    • Please notice the way of giving back the feedback
    • I start to talk to much – just a little bit more and we’ll go for break
    • Have you play game  – the Pokemon go
  • P Jae remembers teachers’ name – Somsak the PE teacher
  • Self-reflection – the paper to bring back home – even the people who are zoning out are writing – feedback for self



Observation of atmosphere:

  • I saw teachers at the back sleeping – I guess it is inevitable with the number of people here – and the screen is so small from the back, when they sit down, the screen is even more invisible
  • The most who seems to pay attention is the middle row where P’Jae stood
  • I wonder if some of them are forced to be here – they are not looking at the screen nor the materials given
  • The wife-husband joke – the principals get the joke – laughter from in front
  • I think the light is too dim – effect of light on the atmosphere


My own note:

  • I think I’ll carry my mac book with me to meeting and carry post it notes – it’s easier to put on my lap as well as the keypad is at comfortable width
  • What is modus operandi  of teachers – their habits of working – how they are teaching and how they are interacting with their colleagues, management staff and students – M.O. used in the

Featured image by Polyvore