thinking in the gray

how to think in the gray:

black and white thinking is dichotomy thinking – where the answer is correct/wrong.

gray-thinking: the answer is more than correct/wrong.



. acknowledgement that not-white-or-not-black area of thinking exist

. acknowledgement that there are more than one spelling of grey – gray. For convenience, I’m using going to use “gray”, while acknowledging the grey.


– 1. future is endless possibilities

– 2. present is also endless possibilities

– 3. take a breath.

– 4. take a walk.

– 5. stop rubbing my face

– 6. go back to do my work. the more I think, the less helpful it becomes

sorry, I’ll try better to answer the question.

gray-thinking does not guaranteed satisfying answers.


here’s another take from John Tsilimparis

Replacement Thoughts — The 5-Minute Rule

Take five minutes to respond differently after you identify a dualistic thought:

I will locate the balanced gray area of any stressful situation that is presented to me.

I will give up needing to be right and accept that all circumstance is neutral.

I will be more reflective than reactive.

I will sit in the anxiety and accept the subtle balance and varying degrees of life

I will accept that I cannot have certainty about most things right now.

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no sponsorship or anything – I just thought that sharing how others think might provide a more coherent answer.



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