if I’m a real failure

if I’m a real failure, maybe they will let me go. They will let go of the expectations of me. maybe they will let me go. Throw me aside. Maybe then they will let me go. If I were stupid, they will have given up on me. They would have thrown me aside. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to chase after the mirage. all these years. We have spent so much on you. our love. everything you ever wanted. we gave you. we raised you up. when you fell down, who pick you up? when you got discarded by the world, who gave you a second chance. Without it, would you even have today? Gratitude. Have you forgotten what we have done? Just because you got someone else. You just got blindsided. You are still immature. Just change your perspective. Look outside. The best view. The nicest house. Everything you wanted. Why? Why do you want to go? Why are you so selfish? Why? Why? Why do you only care about yourself? why are you so selfish? I didn’t raise you to be like this. You just taken after our side. That you can’t persevere for long. You just have to bring out the other side of your They have it so will you. The side to persevere. You just lack that. You just need to persevere. Why am I crying again? Just change your perspective. Your life is already difficult enough. Why am I like this? Why am I making it hard for you? Why? Why am I like this? For all that you did for me, I just have to come back and hurt you. you. seriously. if I’m a real failure, it would hurt less or none, right?


Featured image by Dahyun Kim