a stranger on earth

I have to silence my thoughts almost 401 times a day – counting from 1. They keep coming. Silently and sometimes loudly. Asking myself why. Why can’t I escape this? It becomes louder when they see the possibilities – possibilities of a better place. Silence. Let’s start again. 401. 402. 403. Why do I… No, start from 400. 401. 402.403. 404. 405. 406. Silence. Okay, 2 more hours to go. Just let time pass. 2 more years to go. Just let time pass. Let think of a fun challenge to do. Let change how I look at the situation. But why? No, why, let’s think of how to get rid of your acne, be beautiful, lose weight, become more proactive. Silence!

A stranger on earth. Keeping my eyes peeled for danger. Danger – someone is out to get you. Those eyes. Preying for your movements. Take my money. Just take it. Scam. Scam, A stranger at home. Keep your bag tight. Beware. Beware. They are coming to get you. Don’t go out at night. Don’t wear it. Don’t. She got killed. She got raped. She got kidnapped. She got abused. Just watch. The next might be you. Treading the city. Those eyes. Lurking. Preying. A stranger on earth. A stranger at home.

A leap of faith. A determined hand. He did it and he’s gone. You are going to hell. A forever hell. Have you heard of that? You won’t be able to escape. You’ll be cursed. Cursed. Sworn at. You are a shame. Failure. How dare you. Ingrate. Ingrate. Ingrate. You deserved it. Hell. You deserved it. Make sure your life will be miserable. Don’t you dare. How dare you think of it. You think it will bring you peace. Happiness? Don’t you dare think. It will be hell. You can’t escape. Hell. If you don’t want hell, then endure. Endure. What does it make if everyday now is hell. Would you prefer hell for infinity? Hell now is better than hell forever. Just two years. 24 months. 512 days. 12,288 hours. 737,280 minutes. 44,236,800 seconds. See it’s no big deals. 44 millions moments of hell. Rather than uncountable lives of hell. Now, that’s horrible. Ridiculously horrible. Don’t you think so. So just endure. Two years. If life end,  at least you serve your time. You. a stranger on earth. Don’t get so cocky thinking you can do what your heart pleases. As if. You are criminal. On life sentence. You killed. You hurt. You. a stranger on earth.

night fall.Hazy lights. the paper called it July 22 2017.