Boston Museum of Fine Arts – Mom in Harvard #7

Day 7 Sunday, May 28 2017

[Side note: Writing this on Tuesday, May 30 2017 from the Dubai Airport – the best wifi I experienced at the airport! ✈️ ]

Arriving bright and early! Different from the previous days where I took hours to get ready and we used to leave house at 12pm! 

Our efforts bore fruits and we were the first one in line! Woohoo! 😆🙌

Earlier Spring semester, my friends and I came here to this lobby for the dance floor at Musuem First Friday special 

Henri Matisse – my new favorite artist now! 

Arts = expression of emotions 

💕 the use of lines in this drawing 

Matisse drew inspirations from the different cultures around the world 

Do you see any similarity between the previous image and this one?

The grand chair and the creations of different expressions from it. Notice the armrest! 

How the Boston’s Most Famous Ducks were born! 

How Boston Commons used to look back in the days

Art Conservation in Action: I love this section because I’m always curious about the behind-the-scene process of any creation

So fascinating to finally see the hierograph after more than a decade of reading about the ancient Egyptians 

We went on the fast and furious tour around the Musuem so no further amazing pictures available till later updates! 


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