Spring Adventure in Boston!

{ Babe = my dearest one }


this trip is the first trip that my dearest babe, Sherry, and I are taking together in Boston

[ 🍴 our favorite hang-out place was usually on Friday in Allston, MA, during our school days 🍴]

First stop:

Penang Malaysian Cuisine

What home is like for both of us! The curry soup tasted to me just like how the canteen aunty at Dunman Secondary School made it 😋



Made a stop to Nam Bac Hong for a refill of my Chinese Traditional Medicine


On the way to Boston Athenæum, we came across a march against Monsanto Boston – say No to GMO


at the Boston Athenæum! a lovely architecture nested underneath the shadow of the other towering buildings


Photographs are only allowed on first floor

inside felt like a fancy exclusive library reserved for the distinguished patrons




we were actually hunting for this room but it turned out that this room is only reserved for membership ☹️

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 6.20.23 PM.png

so after 14 minutes, we decided to head out to the Mary Eddy Baker Library, which is on the other side of Boston

on our way there, we walked past the Boston Common and went right into the Boston Public Park

so much greenery!


and OMG, we met this guy who is the most brilliant musician ever

playing 4-5 different instruments at once as if a band of talented musicians are housed in him and his instruments


Gathering of puppies and doggies



Behind us was the Soldiers and Sailors Monument



Leaving Boston Common, we headed to the busy Boylston St.


Inside the Old South Church

and me learning the difference between church vs chapel


a strike for labor rights in front of AT&T


Checking out Eaterly at Prudential Tower first because why not?


but then, the signboard of “The Cheesecake factory” caught our attention and our feet drifted towards the store


we made the best decision to stay there instead


ordered these magnificent food

[Title: Red Velvet Cheesecake]


 the cheesecakes washed away our weariness

[Title: Original Cheesecake]


as our adventure is coming to an end in Chapter 1, we actually stumbled into what we originally set our for

we made it to the Mary Eddy Baker Library!


This is only our first adventure together!

Chapter 1 is in Boston

I can already foresee our Chapter 2 unfolding somewhere in a beautiful tropical paradise called Thailand-Singapore.

karittha Sherry Adventure: to be continued

To Sherry: congratulations babe on your graduation!

thank You and Buddha that I met you!



Sherry and I actually went on to many food adventures together this semester!

I shall update them onto the blog soon so stay tune.

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