[Update] Treating acne with Chinese Traditional Medicine #2

Update to the Chinese Medicine I’m taking for my acne

Day 1 – Day 7

Saturday, May 13 2017 – Friday, May 19 2017



Day 1 | Saturday, May 13 2017

  • Package 1: First boil (night)
  • Noticing:
    • Medicine was too bitter because I over-boiled it and it was really concentrated
  • Slept by 10:30-11pm
  • Note: 5.7 km walking

Day 2 | Sunday, May 14 2017

  • Package 1: Second boil (morning & night)
  • Noticing:
    • Is it a overnight miracle? because the swelling of the painful acne reduced so much!
    • Added honey to medicine
  • Dinner at 7:30pm
    • Boiled broccoli & carrots, lettuce with sesame dressing, Miso soup with seaweed, grained rice and Korean-style chicken buggogi
    • Night medicine at 8:30pm after clearing up the kitchen
  • Slept by 1am
    • Jinwen came over for a sleepover so late-night ladies catch-up
  • Note: 3.1 km walking

Day 3 | Monday, May 15 2017

  • Package 2: First boil (morning & night)
  • Noticing:
    • Swelling reduced and acne is drying up so the scabs are becoming visible
  • Dinner at 9pm
    • Vietnamese Pho with Elena so drinking the medicine late around 10pm when I arrived home
  • Slept around 12:30am
  • Note: gym for 20 min | 7.1 km walking
    • I think I accidentally ate shelled abalone at the reception snack at HGSE

Day 4 | Tuesday, May 16 2017

  • Package 2: Second boil (morning and night)
  • Noticing:
    • Painful acne on the left cheek is visibly reduced. It is the first time that there is less acne on the left cheek on the right cheek.
    • Right cheek: acne became less painful to touch
  • Dinner:
    • Russian pancake snack at 4:30pm
    • Late night Russian supper at 10:30pm (contain fish)
    • Night medicine around 1:30am
  • Slept by 2:30am
    • Girls’ night with Elena – Hair cutting and Henna hand painting
  • Note: 270 steps – stayed at home all day

 Day 5 | Wednesday, May 17 2017

  • Package 3: First boil (morning and night)
  • Noticing:
    • Painful acne on right cheek still painful to touch
  • Dinner at 5:30pm
    • Chicken Teriyaki with kimchi at Wakamama with Tim
    • A lot of phlegm reaction to the kimchi
  • Slept by 12am
  • Note: 4.7 km

Day 6 | Thursday, May 18 2017

  • Dinner at 7am
    • Ice cream at J.P Licks with Jinwen |Half: Mint Cookie n’ Cream & Half: Raspberry
  • Slept by 1am
  • Note: 5.9 km

Day 7 | Friday, May 19 2017 – Ran out of medicine


  • Noticing:
    • Acne on right cheek became painful to touch
    • Acne on left cheek developed into pus-like one, painful to touch
    • Little pimples and bumps on the chin
  • Lunch:
    • Vietnamese vermicelli -> trigger phlegm production
  • Dinner? [will update later]
  • Sleep time? [will update later]

What I learned throughout the 7 days

What changes

  • I just realized today that the acne on my chest and back disappeared!
  • Acne on both cheeks have reduced and almost dried up until I start sleep late on Tuesday
  • Bloating of stomach is reduced
  • Less phlegm in my throat
  • Bowel movement is smooth without me taking herbal laxatives I brought from Thailand

I am proud of myself

  • For boiling and drinking all the medicine, bitter as it is, I drank all of them
  • For cleaning up my faces every night
  • For sticking to clean diet: no fried food and no spicy food
    • I ate a bit of seafood but stopped myself from gorging on them
  • For cooking the clean food myself!

My sleep pattern

  • The later I slept, the slower the healing process – the medicine is not as effective in reducing the acne
  • Better to sleep before 11pm, best to sleep at 10am

Time for medicine & dinner

  • I have to immediately drink the medicine after food according to what the doctor prescribed
  • Better if I can eat before 8pm, best at 7pm
  • Drinking the medicine helps me not snack after dinner => helps with bloating of stomach => drink it warm water

My diet: 

  • Food not for me
    • Ice cream and kimchi – caused stomach discomfort and bloating. A lot of phlegm reaction
    • Ginger and cinnamon – I reduced the amount according to the doctor due to their “heating properties” and almost no consumption of cinnamon this week
    • Restaurant food (Vi
      • Trigger the phlegm production
  • Home-cook food by yours truly is the healthiest choice
    • Salad, boiled vegetables, chicken

My feelings

  • Empowered that I can cook delicious clean food
  • But worried about late dinner socials with my friends (esp. those who are only free at night) – face or friends?

Moving forward

I’m going to visit Nam Bac Hong tomorrow to consult with the doctor and see if there should be any adjustment,etc. Good luck to myself tomorrow!

Day 1 – Day 7



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