Acne Confession & Why Chinese Medicine

If you see the pictures in my blog, you might notice that my face is pretty spotless. If you see me in real life, you would notice that my face is actually full of acne.

Acne. Acne. Acne.

Acne = something that bothers the hell out of me.

Disclaimer: this post is going to get real as it is. If you have low tolerance for acne pictures, this post might be a challenge.


Why did I even write this post?

Maybe, someone out there can learn something from my journey to understand my body.  And hopefully, one day, my future students can find solace in the fact that their teacher has undergone the same struggle. And by then, with that same hope, I would have understood and took care of my body well enough that the acne do not have to ravage my face anymore.

What had happened?

My acne exploded the same time as my puberty hit when I was 12-13 years old. I used to get T-zone acne, whereby the acne broke out on forehead and nose. My nose was similar to Rudolf, the red-nose reindeer. Painful and red.

As I came to United States, my T-zone acne disappeared, but something happened. My cheek acne started to flourish and took home on my face. It worsened with my attempt to hide it with foundation and concealer. No matter the brand or quality of the makeup products, the acne became worse and worse. Those that disappeared became reddish spots and pockets, almost like scars.

Throughout my journey, I felt that I almost tried everything from oral medications such as the antibiotic to topical ones such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. I also visited the dermatologist, who prescribed me various oil-control, oil-free facial cleanser, cream and toner for my acne. I also undergone multiple laser treatment but to futile result. I then attempted home remedies and online research – parasite cleanse and detox (which tremendously helped my skin when I was in Thailand, but I had a difficult time detoxing in US). I also used and drink a lot apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay mask, coconut oil and tea-tree oil moisturizer. After all these various medications, trial-and-error and nights of wishing that I could wake up with a new face, my face is still riddled with acne.

This is my face 4 days ago on Tuesday, May 9 2017


My right cheek and forehead


my left cheek


Acne and me

In the last decade, I came to terms that my acne does not define who I am and how my loved one and my friends see me. I know that my worth and my abilities are not defined by my acne. Though, on certain days, I do desperately wish my acne could all disappear.

Treating acne with Chinese medicine

As I’m always been looking out ways to better care for my skin, I stumbled across Organic Olivia’s Youtube video and her blog, where she explained her acne treatment through herbs and Chinese medicine. This got me interested in the Chinese medicine and its philosophy on health and human body. Hence, I started to research deeper into this alternative treatment.

I was fascinated by the idea that acne is actually your body expressing what is happening inside it. Acne is not just your sebaceous glands over-producing sebum or your face is dirty. It is an expression of the interaction between the internal body and the external environmental factors.If there is something wrong inside me, acne is the way my body is telling me before something disastrous happen. In addition, what I appreciate about the Chinese medicine is the personalized treatment it deliver. We both can have acne but because my body is different from yours, we probably won’t be taking the same prescription and dosage.

As I am writing this post, I have already taken a packet of Chinese medicine I acquired from the local Chinese pharmacy. I also started documenting my progress on Day 1 taking it. I am hopeful that this would help me clear up my acne (a placebo effect can take place but if mind power can help with this treatment, then I’ll gladly accept it). Thus, this is my first step of the journey into Chinese medicine.


All and all

If you are also on the journey to understand your body and your acne, I want to encourage you to keep on the learning process.

Your body loves you and acne is a way of your body telling you something.

Be safe and do some digging into the stuff you want to try out. Check with your physician, an expert or someone who you can trust and care for you.

My method won’t be the same as you, as it is my path is different from yours.


If you need a little touch up to your already lovely pictures, I recommend this free app ” BeautyCam” – on both Android and Apple.

Good luck!



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