Depressed? Homesick? Yep!

I thought being depressed would not come to a psychology major because I’m supposed to recognize all symptoms and have solutions to them. Right?

I thought being homesick would be impossible after living abroad without my parents for almost 12 years. Right?

A new, promising Harvard student would not be depressed and homesick. Right?


I was terribly depressed and homesick last Fall semester in 2016.

my first semester at Harvard.


I’m not really sure why.

I remembered crying a lot.

Just want to lie in bed all day.

Making all excuses to go back to Thailand.

Even though, I got incredible friends; I got fun events to attend; I got a beautiful apartment; I got my parents to thank for,

I still was depressed and homesick.


I miss home but not homesick.

I am sad sometimes, but not depressed.

A lot of things happened in this semester that make me felt like the most joyful learner.

I still figuring what were the changes from my last semester and this previous semester that made the difference inside for me.

Once I figure it out, I’ll share it in the next post.

To the future me, who will probably get depressed and homesick sometimes,

I want to let you know that it’s okay.

all these emotions and thoughts are okay.

part of being



so it’s okay

because you are human too.


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