Portland, Maine #2

Woke up bright and early because we are visiting a ReggioEmilia Inspired Preschool, Waynflete!

but first, a stop at Bam Bam Bakery for breakfast


Plant Halo at Bam Bam Bakery


Gosh, all these adorable and smart kids melting my heart! I wonder how I would be if I become a preschool teacher?

Next on the agenda: lobster rolllllllll at the famous Eventide Oyster Co.




Strolling through the Old Port district

I found this fabulous website of Portland Architecture that helped us make sense of the buildings we are stumbling upon. Our favorite styles? The chic Gothic and Shingle.

And a self-guided tour for us



By chance, Looknoo and I stumbled onto Portland Trolley Tour that was about to leave in 30 minutes and so we quickly dialed Yoonah who ran to join the impromptu second adventure! Jinwen didn’t join us because she was bravely storming through her final papers at a cafe nearby.


Trip to portland wont be completed without a visit to the Headlight Lighthouse!




2.5 million house – Greek style column according to our inference from the Architect website lol



We concluded our ladies’ adventure at DuckFat food.

Supermom Yoonah protecting our DuckFat food baby! It’s obvious that fries are best when HOT!



a paparazzi shot of Portland’s Celeb Mom

of course, our adventure has to get spiced up with the Amtrack train breaking down and we hitching a bus back to Boston~ All is well. Goodbye, Portland 😘


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