Is it possible to turn your procrastination into something meaningful and productive?

Is it possible to turn your procrastination into something meaningful and productive?

About Me:

Obsessed with Korean TV shows/dramas(no surprise – min. 2 hours daily dosage). Even as I’m getting my master’s degree in education in May, a lot of my time is dedicated to them. Why? They are funny, hilarious, etc … but also importantly, each of them has a thoughtful message deep inside.


And I’m positive I ain’t the only person in Thailand or the world who is head-deep in the K-entertainment. If education comes in all forms, why not in k-drama/show/music? If there are me, you (who are interested) + KIDS (who are interested), we can have many meaningful discussions about our fav shows on what we learned from the shows. E.g. topics: failure, gender equality, cultural differences, daily struggles, achievement, perseverance, self worth, dreams, love, life and our Kpop biases (BTS, Day6, Suju, and etc.). Teacher and student becoming friends over some tv shows?? Wouldn’t that be nice?? Out of these discussions, maybe we fundraise for field trips, be more culturally aware and create actionable opportunities for our learning and many more exciting stuff?????

This is my idea. Still tinkering with it but I wanna share in case you are thinking about something similar or feeling bad about your guilty pleasure (like me).

Curious thoughts: What is your guilty pleasure and do you think it is possible to turn your procrastination to something meaningful?

Featured illustration by AN OCEAN BETWEEN US



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