ANA & Boston Airport: First of Everything

going home.

for my winter break.

home sweet home.

thank you mom and dad for sponsoring me this trip with ANA airline.

All Nippon Airways.

the loveliest experience to ever roam the endless sky with

and the food

oh, the food. 😍

simply, wonderful!!

the movie selection is also superb – all the lastest movies are there and wide selection as well.

Here, I’m watching the acclaimed “Your Name” while dining on my Haagen Dazs ice cream to wash away my tears from this movie.

It’s not sad, just so touching.


and I definitely cannot forget to praise the Boston Logan International Airport

organized lines for security & passport check. clean. friendly staff.

flights are prompt and on time!


I’ve arrived in Thailand!

Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok

en route to Hatyai, my hometown in the south of Thailand.


nothing beats home sweet home


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