How to write a paper

Ingredients: What you will need

  1. Writing/Typing gadget
    • paper, laptop, pencils, whiteboard, etc.
    • recommend Google Doc (you’ll see…)
  2. a small prayer


  1. Know what the instructors are asking of you
    • You can do this by checking the rubric/ grading criteria/ syllabus or simply asking your instructors
  2. Create an outline: by breaking the rubric into sections
    • That’s how the instructors going to mark you by
    • Tip – this is where the outline tool in the Google Doc will come into handy
  3. Zoom into each section and break them into bitable chunk
    • Use headlines
    • Use bullet points
  4. Find relevant sources -> Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P relevant information
    •  DISCLAIMER: read the next step!!!
  5. Rephrase aka Put them into your own words
    • Rephrase = Transforming the ideas from outside sources by infusing your own words and incorporating a part of yourself into them. Add your feelings, thoughts, questions, disagreement, part of your soul
    • Thread carefully and creatively
  6. CITE – give the due credits
    • check whatever format your instructors ask of you
    • APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. have their own rules
    • Use Google Scholar citation as your framework BUT never trust it 100%
  7. Peer review
    • a second pair of fresh eyes free from induced caffeine is preferable
    • make writing appointment if you got time
    • if not, slap yourself with cold water and look at it by yourself ( i trust you)
  8. Good luck people!
    • we are in the same boat and we are going to get to the Paradise Land eventually (probably in a few hours/days – depending on your deadline)

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