Mission Statement 2016

Personal Mission Statement

I will

·       Always strive to be mindful of my actions, words and thoughts.

·       Be a filial daughter, granddaughter, niece to my family and be a dependable older sister to all my siblings.

·       Fulfill my responsibilities and duties. Do not procrastinate. Do it now.

·       Be a compassionate citizen of the world and be empathetic towards all beings.

·       Remain humble, regardless of how much wealth, honor or knowledge I have accumulated.

·       Constantly work to improve myself and know that persistence trumps adversity.

·       Be diligent in my practice of mindfulness and meditation and stay centered in my faith.

·       Explore the world and seek traditional wisdom to understand the meaning of life.

·       Always seek diverse opinions before making decisions and be open to criticisms.

·       Listen and observe with no judgement for there is goodness and purity in everyone.

·       Be brave to walk on the path less travelled and enjoy the whole journey, not just the end result.

·       Have genuine intentions to help when I give my time, money or items to someone.

·       Know that money can buy happiness, but money is not the goal in life.

·       Remain patriotic and loyal to my country.

·       Strive to be grateful of my blessings and fortune I receive from everyone and everything around me.

·       Love and be non-violent to solve problems.




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