#5 | CNY Potluck with Alex & Fiona

Tuesday February 9: CNY Potluck with Alex & Fiona

  1. I am thankful that Alex and Fiona invited Nick and I to celebrate with them for their Chinese New Year (CNY).
  2. I am grateful that both of them ordered a lot of food (lots of meat) for the party.
  3. I was scared at first that it would be awkward to hang out with Alex, Fiona and their friends. However, they were all very welcoming and they shared many personal stories with me.
  4. I am grateful that Fiona’s friends were very fun. They shared similar interests as me and we were able to have a chat ober the new Chinese drama.
  5. I am grateful that all of us stayed after the dinner to play a new game “One Night”, which is a mystery game.

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