Part I: The Quest for Freedom



What does it mean to truly be free? It’s difficult to conjure the same concept of ‘freedom’ when almost all of our actions can be monitored and tracked by the gigantic machines hovering above us in space. Our smart gadgets and the online society demand our constant attention. At the same time, lifestyle trends debilitate our abilities to truly be ourselves or even feel contented in our own skin. Additionally, news of terror and sorrow bombard our stimuli from across the flashing TV screen. No matter how much money we struggle to earn, aging, sickness and death have already enclosed us, like the cold jail that death row prisoners cannot escape.  While it’s possible to extricate ourselves from the physical barriers around us, is it possible to have the same freedom inside?

This summer I went on a journey to unravel the question. A journey that took me from the vast shoreline of Rhode Island, US, to a remote temple buried in the rainforests of Thailand.

Where life took me:

1) 15th Annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute at University of Rhode Island, U.S.

2) Get Grounded Program at Punpun Organic Farm, Northern Thailand

3) Palliative Care Course at the Samutphrakan Hospital, Central Thailand

4) “Just being aware” Mindfulness Course by Phra Archan Nuan Chan

5) The International Youth Vipassana Program by the Young Buddhist Association of Thailand

6) Rhythmic Mindfulness Retreat at Wat Pa Sukato Forrest Monastery, Northeastern Thailand

7) Holistic Mindfulness and Meditation by Venerable Kong Dow

8) Extemporaneous Scuba Diving Trip in the Southern Gulf of Thailand

Nothing could ever be possible without

The kindest and loving souls, Mom and Papa

My supportive family

Dearest friends & Giving Teachers


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